Our company specializes in custom software development such as B2B applications for e-business management based on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Salesforce system. The company also integration CRM Salesforce with other systems Consulting and developing tools for general use.

We offer:

Development and customization solutions for your needs based on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Salesforce system.

CRM Salesforce integration with third-party services and applications.

Business solutions for quality improvement of your database and marketing campaigns.

Our Apps:

We are offering the easiest way of clearing your database from a low quality email addresses. Our services will help you to separate low quality email addresses from real contacts, protect your reputation, increase your mailing scores, and save your money.

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Service for checking database of electronic addresses that will help you to exclude from the database invalid, duplicates, one-time and nonexistent email addresses.

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Company data search service by the email address or domain that allows you to obtain contact information such as company name, industry, country, address etc.

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Service for search and exclusion from the database the disposable email addresses that allows you to save storage costs and time to process contacts with one-time email addresses.

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